Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. So so very pregnant
  2. Also I had a toddler
  3. And my husband was in the service and in training across the country.
  4. I had a pinched nerve in my leg and was on bed rest.
    With a toddler.
  5. So here was my life:
  6. Curious George
  7. Winnie the Pooh
  8. Toy Story
    The first one. My son was obsessed with it and learned the word cannibal. At 20 months old. And then I told him what it meant so he'd pretend to bite me and say "cannibal, mommy, cannibal." We were a hit at parties.
  9. We also played a fun game because I couldn't chase him around. We'd watch a show and on the commercial I'd close my eyes and he'd go get one thing from each room. Then I'd guess where they came from. Then the next commercial he'd go put them back.
    He was pretty good at this. Neither one of us saw the problems inherent in this game.
  10. Sometimes when I got bored reading kids books I'd read Dean Koontz or Stephen King out loud to him. I may have screwed that kid up.
    JK he's fine.
  11. I also wrote lots of letters to my husband. Yes letters. With actual stamps. Because kids, long distance charges used to be a big thing.
    And I got a lot of letters back. It was really pretty romantic. I don't keep a lot of things but I have these.
  12. And I was vomiting every day.
    This was a PSA. Never get pregnant.