1. Giphy
  2. I want a sweet puppy
    With big feet and a slobbery tongue with enthusiasm to spare but then I sneeze and remember how much I like not having dog hair all over the furniture and dog nose all up in my business.
  3. Start journaling
    Everyone's bullet journals look so beautiful and I start to think that I'd remember all the wonderful little moments of life more if I write them down, but then I remember how many mostly blank journals I own with just the first three pages filled.
  4. Sign up for online dating
    Usually after 3 or so drinks I start thinking how nice it would be to have a tall man who smells good tell me how much he likes me, but then I think that I'm sure there are at least a couple of men out there who are good enough for me, but they are probably not trolling plenty of fish.
  5. Start a cake business
    Anytime someone says that I should until I remember that a cake tastes and looks so much better when you don't have to charge for all the fancy ingredients you put in it or figure out how to charge for the love you put into something.
  6. Try a low carb diet
    Usually after I've made a delicious healthy cabbage salad for dinner and I think I'll just do it and in a month I won't even like candy anymore but then I remember the difference between facts and alternative facts.
  7. Get into running