1. A man
  2. In a golden tower can convince
  3. A man
  4. In a wooden room that
  5. A man
  6. In a cardboard box is his enemy.
  7. A snake oil salesman
  8. In a rickety cart tempts
  10. With a pink carrot on a coat hanger.
  11. Blinders spun from an angel's kiss
  12. Frame his eyes
  13. And his rapier sharp horn.
  14. A man
  15. In a brown suit can never
  16. Afford to have his tattoo removed.
  17. The seas rise
  18. And drown
  19. Our modern day Noah as he tends
  20. His virtual menagerie.
  21. The olives have been removed from the salads to save
  22. The dollars the man in the golden tower doesn't need
  23. There is no place for the dove to land
  24. Anyway