1. Like Elkington's lion she,
  2. Deaf
  3. To adventure
  4. To passion
  5. To the call of the wild.
  6. Scoffing
  7. As she pads light footed
  8. Pampered in an emerald cage.
  9. She does not need their reassurance
  10. Nor their admiration.
  11. She ignores that which lies
  12. Beneath the dewy razor grass.
  13. Tamed by good judgement
  14. And nice manners
  15. And so much potential.
  16. Once, or maybe twice,
  17. glimpses of the blood red line
  18. Incite her thirst
  19. And race her heart.
  20. And bare her fangs, dulled by disuse.
  21. But cooler minds must always prevail
  22. And even lions cannot think the unthinkable.