Inspired by @hannah_rachel
  1. The ocean
    The clean salty smell but also the funky swampy smell that you catch a whiff of when you're inland but you know you are getting close.
  2. A greenhouse
    That distinctive green scent mixed with fertilizer-bonus if the sun is warm and you can smell the heat in the air.
  3. The smell of Lemon and garlic and bacon and thyme under the skin of a roasting chicken.
    Jeffrey loves a good roast chicken too.
  4. My grandma's kitchen(now my aunt's)
    It smells like coffee, but not just the coffee currently perking, but like a kitchen that has had coffee perking in it every day for 60 years without fail.
  5. It's possible my true love is just a beach house with fabulous gardening facilities and a really nice kitchen.