Inspired by @aj_oppen How are your bookshelves arranged/organized?
  1. Ours are arranged chronologically, by nationality of the author.
    There are books to the left of the window too.
  2. Also everything is a huge mess because we are putting in floors upstairs.
  3. Then we have books in everyone's rooms.
    These are the junk books for the most part. Fun easy reads, will be regularly recycled to half price books. I know you see that red Harlequin trash. 😳😳
  4. These are just there basically to sit the globe on.
    And they have nice pictures, good recipes, etc. for when I'm in that sort of mood.
  5. Boxes of books I can't get rid of but don't have space to display.
    Also some magnum pi DVDs I bought from a guy in Canada, taped from Canadian tv with early 90's commercials.
  6. There are books in the kids' rooms too but I'm too lazy to get up and take pictures.