Because people LOVE hearing about dreams, right?
  1. Kevin died. In a waterskiing accident.
  2. Mindy Lahiri was very upset (weird) but also choosing custom made Salvador Perez outfits for everyone to wear to the funeral.
    I'm not sure why Mindy wasn't Kelly?
  3. She was also telling them about the accident and they kept saying "Who?" And she'd say "Kevin, from work." Even though it's not her work, and Kevin from work isn't even the right Kevin.
  4. Also I was there in this dress.
  5. But I was me and I don't even have a job.
  6. Giphy
  7. Giphy
  8. Giphy
  9. Giphy
  10. Giphy
  11. Giphy
  12. That's all I've got.