Inspired by @amyelizabeth
  1. 80's Cocaine Runner
    Minions. Henchmen. A tall, gorgeous assassin as a lover-slash-bodyguard. Lavish, hedonistic beach house. Zero shame.
  2. CEO who loves to fire people and make them cry.
    Sky high heels. Power suits. Grey haired, emasculated husband. Asymmetrical haircut that costs $1000 a month to maintain. Gin and tonic habit. (When I was young this is really what I thought my life was going to be like. My Barbies fired their incompetent employees in a vicious rant on a regular basis.)
  3. Pharmacist with shaky morals and a tiny drug habit.
    Three dogs. Live in boyfriend at least a decade younger. And a head of wild, curly hair.
  4. Free love wife in a commune.
    Gardener. Cook. Favorite "husband" is a gentle man with a beautiful singing voice. Plotting my escape in 1-3 years. Secret mad programming skills.
  5. Surfer girl
    Lives in a shack by the beach with no electricity. Doesn't have any social media presence or a cell phone. Surfs early in the morning and naps all afternoon. Bartends at a local bar.