1. The year is 1996
    Many of you are babies.
  2. I have just recently moved to Lawton, OK where my husband is stationed at Ft. Sill.
  3. Our childhood friend is living in Austin and invites us for SXSW
  4. But another friend of mine is in the NAIA Women's Swimming and Diving Nationals in San Antonio
  5. So I drive from Oklahoma to Austin to drop off my husband
  6. And take our two-year old and our newborn by myself to watch two days of swim meets in San Antonio
    Not the best idea I've ever had.
  7. I see my friend Amy for about 10 minutes one day because she is so busy swimming and sleeping and carbo loading(athlete type things)
    I hang out with her mom a lot though.
  8. I drive by the Alamo
  9. I also got a picture of my daughter taken with the Easter Bunny at some mall and my son(who was NOT into the Easter bunny thing) rode on the carousel all afternoon.
  10. Then I went back to pick up my husband
  11. Who'd had a blast in Austin
  12. Partied all weekend
  13. Saw The Plimsouls and George Clinton
  14. And met Forest Whitaker on the street and had a nice chat about The Crying Game.
  15. 🙄