If you want to destroy me, here's how....
  1. Bayberry candles🌳❣❣
    Instant migraine. 🤕
  2. The smell of play-doh😷
    Worst. Toy. Ever.
  3. Goetta🤐
    Cincinnati has a love affair with Goetta. It smells gross and tastes worse. It's like you're actually at the slaughterhouse stockyards on the Ohio River and its 1840.
  4. The smell of cat food 🙀👃🖐
    I would not let our cat die. But if everyone else who could possibly take care of him was gone, he'd be getting tuna and cheese everyday.
  5. Actual kryptonite✳️✳️✳️
    I assume.
  6. Biting into even the tiniest piece of eggshell🙊🙊🙊🙊👅👅😵💀
    The entire dish must be thrown out. Water, salt water, listerine, no eating for the rest of the day.