1. Have zero clue how many followers I have, li.sters I follow, or who has blocked me.
  2. Have some vague clue about where to find this information, if I really needed it for some reason.
  3. Try unsuccessfully to keep drafts under 100.
  4. Like and RELIST everything that I find funny, clever or important. And if I like you. And if you're new or your list is great but not getting enough love.
  5. Comment about myself on every list where I have even tangential experience because I'm a raging narcissist.
  6. Use 💞 to indicate that I love, understand, sympathize with your list. Also to me this means that my heart is with your heart in this matter.
  7. Waaaay behind the curve on whatever drama is brewing. Think I understand what it's all about until 2.5 days after things calm down when I finally REALLY understand.
  8. Unreasonable excitement over every like and comment on every list I make.
  9. Try to respond to every comment even if it's just with an emoji or emoji sentence.
  10. Ruthlessly edit comments from obnoxious word vomit to (hopefully) just a little overzealous.
  11. Comment too many times on ➕ li.sts.