Inspired by @jessicaz and @kaitmaree
  1. #barbieboardroom
    There was a time in my life when I knew EXACTLY how to soar. Ages 5-9.
  2. #IvyLeaguewiththeshinyhair
    My best friend, best guy friend, and long-time crush were Princeton, Yale, and Harvard, respectively. Me? Same grades/better scores/zero ambition.
  3. #debtfree
    I earned my full ride. Never doubted for a second I'd get it, but I never imagined I'd give it up the way I did.
  4. #wifey
    All I wanted was to be married for 80 years. I gave up so much of who I was for a shot at this.
  5. #realadult
    If you put the things that bring me joy in a room, you'll swear you've Marie Kondo'd a kindergartener who's just reading at an adult level. I wore gym shoes with frogs on them today. I dread going places where I see how women my age look/like/behave because I never feel like I measure up.
  6. #realgirl
    There are so many things people expect you to be. Maybe my life would be easier if i fit that way.
  7. #prettygirl
    I have two sisters who just shine. I have literally been knocked over by men who want to talk to them. Loving yourself is harder when you're on vacation, sitting in the parking lot of a Safeway with a sore bum. Maybe if I just cared a little more I'd be a little more shiny and a lot less prickly.