Alternate title: How a single, middle aged woman is spending her Saturday night. Also I'm watching Pretty Woman and eating Mexican takeout.
  1. Anyway....
  2. Nicolas Cage can get a bad rap.
  3. The Internet can be so cruel.
  4. Even if he's lucky, the Internet is thinking of him like this.
  5. But more likely like this
  6. This
  7. 🙈🙈🙈
  8. You should all be ashamed of yourself-he's a National Treasure! I'm not going to post anything worse about my first true celebrity love.
  9. Ricky Schroeder you were a lovely crush, but you can't hold a candle to Mr. Cage.
    I'm also still bitter about the signed photo you sent to Christy Nash that she bragged to the entire Girl Scout troop about when I wrote you a letter too and I'm sure mine was far better.
  10. Kirk Cameron we just don't speak of you.
    You know why.
  11. But even if your opinion is normally poor, you should take a chance and feast your eyes on
  12. Hello!
  13. So talented
  14. Bonus Sam Elliot!
  15. Hollywood leading man look right here.
  16. Young tuffs
  17. Flying high
  18. Loving his country
  19. Hunting witches
  20. Being sexy enough for Cher
  21. Fighting for America
  22. Looking great doing it
  23. Honoring his promises
  24. Brooding
  25. Killing it in the hairstyle department
  26. Breaking hearts
  27. Taking names
  28. All American
  29. Gun show
  30. Hello eighties
  31. Baking up a storm
  32. Wild at heart
  33. Look into my eyes 👀
  34. Dressed up
  35. 😍😍😍
  36. Serious face
  37. Wallpaper worthy
  38. Raising Arizona
  39. Delightful
  40. Yes, please!
  41. Doesn't need two hands to be the sexiest one in the room.
  42. 👅💦💦💦
  43. 💞💞💞 @k8zinker 😘😘