Inspired by @siddharthainc
  1. Red pants guy
    4 classes, has worn bright red pants to each class. Not track-type pants, regular pants. I'm going to pay attention to see if they are different pairs or the same pair.
  2. Top half hot
    Nice hair, great scruffy beard, VERY attractive. But wears weird skinny jeans that do not go with the kind of rebel, rugged up top look.
  3. Bottom half hot
    Perfect broken in jeans, no socks, laid back deck shoe vibe, but top half is plain colored t-shirts, bad haircut, squeaky voice. If only I could invent a machine to combine the two.
  4. I want your hair
    Perfect shiny bouncy wavy red hair. Completely natural, always looks perfect and Unfussy. Spends class time shopping on her laptop for open toed boots.
  5. Posture girl
    Poker straight hair, posture, figure. Spends class time shopping for wireless routers. (I sit in the back row.)
  6. Pregnant girl
    Self explanatory. (Caveat:She told us she was pregnant and due in November. @Boogie I would NEVER ask.)
  7. Athletic hat girls
    Two of them. Come to class with messy bun in a ball cap and exercise gear. Talk to each other about their Total Body Shred class. (I'm a tiny bit jealous.)
  8. How many flowered dresses does this sweaty girl own?
    Oh wait that's me and the results of my uphill climb to class.
  9. 3 blondes
    Very similar blond girls who haven't said a word in four classes.
  10. 3 non-blondes
    Very similar brunette girls who haven't said a word in four classes. (For comparison, I've talked 22 times.)
  11. Hawaii boy
    Born in Hawaii. I mostly just feel sorry for him.