Things I think are senses, but are typically not regarded as such. Alternate title:Rank Nonsense
  1. The Machine Whisperer
    All sorts of machinery jumps to life when someone with machine sense takes over, no matter how many times this mere mortal tried to start the lawn mower to no avail.
  2. Personal Intuiter (Also Master of I Told You So)
    Always seems to sense when that perfect boyfriend/job/apartment is toxic, long before others are aware. No one likes this, but they are always right.
  3. Color Wonder
    Instantly zeros in on the perfect paint color for the changing light in your living room, despite the One Zillion options presented by the paint department.
  4. Food Goddess
    Pulls together a complete and delicious meal from a seemingly empty fridge, without breaking a sweat.
  5. Musician
    Feels a rhythm radiating from everything and translates it for the rest of us to hear, like describing a color to a blind man.
  6. Emerson Lake Palmer Syndrome
    Pays zero attention to the world around him, but things fall magically into place, mislaid items are returned by kind strangers, money problems are solved by unexpected windfalls, and extra desserts never manifest as extra pounds. The universe has chosen sides and you are a Lucky Man.