1. My rental car, sponsored by The Hunger Games
  2. Bones of an actual dog at Portumna Castle.
  3. Dumb little girl fell out of a window and landed on the dog, killing the dog.
  4. They wrote Fury a nice poem though.
  5. Also, they have bats in their belfry.
  6. This sounds like a great job.
    Working on the night soil.
  7. Totally sexist sign
  8. I feel like you could just say meet by the stone wall?
  9. This sounds mild, but is really kind of terrifying.
  10. They really love dogs here, but you gotta clean up.
  11. Pick up or pay up
  12. Better than butts
  13. What is this?
  14. At first I thought it looked like some sort of weird beach carrot, but when I got closer, the end looked like a joint, like a tentacle had been ripped from a sea creature.
    The beach was littered with them among the seaweed, like some mass sea monster massacre.
  15. But no, the guide said they were just trunks/stalks of seaweed.
  16. I'm still not sure I believe him though.
  17. You'll have to imagine the next two things because when I'm driving on the wrong side of the road I might already run off, forget trying to take a picture!
  18. On one of the bridges we pass going to Galway, in giant capital letters is graffiti that says FELONZ
    Took me a few minutes to figure out what that meant.
  19. All the "slow, school" signs here have these creepy looking children on them. Like little potato children, or short aliens trying to assimilate.
    This picture is from the Internet and doesn't give the full effect. Also the cow crossing signs are shockingly realistic (are ya milking them right there In the middle of the road? I'm pretty sure we can tell what they are without the teats. )
  20. And twice I passed this fun sign.
  21. Also whatever happened to "walk, don't run, to the nearest exit?
    Every sign showing motion here had the person pitched forward at an unlikely angle.
  22. Would you take baby advice from a baby advisor at the grocery store?
  23. The guy next to me on the ferry was using his commute to read the classics.