1. It is the early eighties.
  2. I am seven or eight years old.
  3. My mom got an iron-on transfer of the Statue of Liberty out of the July issue of Woman's Day magazine and put it on a white sweatshirt for me.
  4. A sweatshirt was probably not the best choice for July in the Ohio river valley, but it worked out perfectly in this case.
    Plus it was probably the only white piece of clothing I owned since I am a filth magnet to this day. I cried and cried when I got boobs and this sweatshirt wouldn't fit anymore.
  5. It is the Fourth of July.
  6. It's dark, so I'm up far past my bedtime.
  7. It's the perfect summer nighttime weather, clear, starlit, cool enough for the sweatshirt, but also warm enough for shorts and to be barefoot.
  8. I am sitting by myself on the green electric box in the corner of our front yard.
    I have been instructed not to even think about moving off the box, but I am allowed to sit there in peace by myself in the night.
  9. Also, I have cookies.
  10. My brothers and sisters are in bed already.
  11. The neighbors are across the street in the empty field getting their (probably illegal) haul of fireworks ready.
    There is a house in the field now, in all the empty fields we used to play in.
  12. I sit in the dark and watch the sky explode for what seems like hours and munch far too many cookies.
  13. It was perfect.