Inspired by several Murphy siblings
  1. I went to a very expensive private school.
  2. I was not rich, on scholarship, kind of a nerd, definitely had a reputation as a goody two shoes.
  3. I was also not that slender, good breeding, money-skinny that most of my classmates were.
  4. Also, it's the early 90's, so leggings are not pants like they are today.
  5. But I was wearing a pair of black, shiny Lycra leggings and a sweatshirt after gym class because I spilled something on my skirt.
  6. And a not very nice guy walked into the gym where I was painting sets and made a not very nice comment about my fat ass.
  7. And normally I would have blushed, or stammered, or apologized, or cried,
  8. But today!
    Today I was not in the best of moods
  9. And I turned around with a paintbrush in my hands and I cocked my head to the side and said
  10. "My clients never seem to mind."
    And went back to painting the sets.
  11. We were putting on Anything Goes and I must have channeled just a little sass.
  12. And he left.
  13. And not ten damn minutes later
  14. I got called to the headmaster's office
  15. And I walked in
  16. And jerkboy was there
  17. And I laughed out loud and said
  18. What do you think is more likely, that I am a PROSTITUTE or that he is a prick?
  19. And I left the office
  20. And went to my next class
  21. And never heard another word about it.
  22. But I feel like maybe it wasn't a very classy thing to do.