1. Of all the brazen, impertinent, insipid, unmitigated gall!
    Really we use this a lot, even when there is only a tiny bit of gall.
  2. I'm a man! I don't need bug spray!
    We heard a little boy(maybe 4 years old?) say this one year on vacation in such an indignant voice. We use it all the time when someone tries to mother, smother or sfather us. Also if someone offers us bug spray.
  3. I see it Nicole! I'm not blind!
    Another relic from a long ago vacation. It's in the "Thank You Captain Obvious" vein of sarcasm. Also, no one in our family is named Nicole.
  4. Illustrious Pippsissiwa❗️ and Unseasonable Wench❗️
    Usually reserved for when my mom's being sassy.
  5. Flibbertigibbet
    Usually reserved for when you're being a Flibbertigibbet . My middle sister is ALWAYS being a Flibbertigibbet.
  6. Salubrious delights
    That just means dinner. It could also refer to exercise, but we just really aren't that kind of family.