1. Babysitter
    I was ALWAYS babysitting. I watched newborns and kids my own age and 10 kids at once, kids with disabilities, kids who lived out in the middle of nowhere, kids with behavioral problems, my own siblings, rotten kids, kids on vacation, kids who put themselves to bed, kids from church, the kids of my teachers at school, and the kids that introduced me to The Princess Bride. I always said I'd never have kids, but anyone that knew me should've known better than that.
  2. Frisch's Big Boy
    I was a waitress here from the summer before my senior year in high school until I graduated high school. I'm so old that we didn't have computers at work, we figured out the bill and the tax on order pads and had to reconcile all of our receipts/orders at night. The job was terrible and there were so many illegal things going on it was ridiculous, but I was a good waitress, I made a lot of money and we sure had fun!
  3. Mom
    I had my first child two weeks shy of 19.
  4. Ponderosa
    My younger siblings worked here so after I had my son I worked here for about two weeks before realizing that the things that make a waitressing job fun as a high schooler make it a terrible job for someone with a family.
  5. Wangs
    A wholesaler craft store/florist. I don't remember much about it other than there was a woman there with a husband in a wheelchair but their insurance wouldn't pay for anything because he was hit by a commercial truck but they fled the scene. He was saying the license plate number before he passed out, but no one wrote it down. There was no one to sue so the first night surgeries used up his own insurance. It was just the saddest story and it's stuck with me all these years.
  6. Belcan Temporary Services
    I worked for a few clients, but then they hired me at the actual temp office, printing pay checks on a big dot matrix printer(with the kind of paper with holes on the edges and perforations between the checks.) This was a great job and we took two hour lunches and worked for a little old man who was so sweet, like a tiny Santa Claus.
  7. Collections at GE/Macy's credit card.
    I was the youngest person here by quite a bit. I worked with some really fun people, but phone collections is a depressing job. I worked here until I got pregnant with my daughter, my husband joined the Army and I moved in with my parents.