Disclaimer: I am not a licensed tax professional.
  1. The lottery is essentially a tax on the poor and you'd be better off just saving your dollar. You also aren't helping schools as much as you think you are. (At least not in Ohio where funds are sent to the general education fund, but don't generally provide any extra funding to school districts.)
  2. We pay sales tax on meals we eat in, but not those we take out. Soda is always taxed, but coffee and tea are not usually, but there are some exceptions that I don't pay attention to because until I have coffee, you're lucky if I can do more than grunt and point.
  3. In all other instances I would refer to this helpful information.
  4. Addendum:
  5. Dog walking services: Non-taxable
  6. Tongue bathing services: Non-taxable
    Possibly illegal and/or against the health code. I am also not a health inspector although that might be a cool job.
  7. Prostitution:
    Tax-free, but illegal. I'm pretty confident on this one.
  8. Ok, you can wake up and go back to your regularly scheduled listing now.