Inspired by @shanaz @lesbian @aus10
  1. 1. Trashy to me was always soap operas and I loved them.
    But I hate tv(or radio) where they talk to "real" people. Reality shows-no/afternoon talk shows(Maury, springer, dr Phil etc.) no/true crime-no/ court shows judge Judy, etc-no-basically if a professional screenwriter isn't writing you witty comebacks or riveting dramatic monologues, then TRASH
  2. 2.All Trash-I'm extremely liberal and also very tired of all political stuff.
    Bigoted misogynistic, racist, short sighted, narrow minded fools with no sense and even less compassion.
  3. 3.Valley Girl
    Nostalgic, great music, 15 year old me is happy, young brooding Nicolas Cage is very much my type.
  4. 4.Very very very pro-choice
  5. 5. Chipotle napkin from the glove compartment.
  6. 6. I like animals ok but not in the house much and definitely not in my room. Kids are cute enough but annoying and sticky.
  7. 7. I love my kids but others are just ok.
  8. 8. I like everyone but Carrie. I find her whiny/spoiled. And nothing really bad happened to her-all her drama wall self-inflicted. Ok-maybe the post-it was rough, but he was a writer!!! Duh!!!
  9. 9. I really don't feel guilty about any of the ridiculous things I like.
  10. 10.yes yes yes-when? Now? Tonight? I'll just get ready and wait!
  11. 11. Yes. Jen can read.
  12. 12. Pee in the ocean.
  13. 13. Everyone loves me. I've never gotten any dirty looks ever.
  14. 14. Fast walker. There back done couch.
  15. 15. Sex on a beach is always gross but sometimes still better than none.
  16. 16. I'll sleep anywhere.
  17. 17. Yes