Inspired by @LizDawson and @RyanDangerSims
  1. Floral sweaters with turtlenecks. Ill-conceived perms. Ill-conceived hobbies.
  2. This floral sweater had pale aqua stretch stirrup pants that I wore with it. One day in biology lab in 9th grade I ripped the seat of these pants on the corner of the lab bench. Might have cried a little bit.
  3. Sweatshirts with turtlenecks.
  4. Floral sweaters I've kept for almost 30 years that look much better on my child.
  5. These L.L. Bean shoes. Unofficial uniform for my school. Definitely not tied like this though.
  6. After school-these are men's swim trunks, but I had a pair of shorts almost identical to these that I wore all the time.
  7. Opus t shirt. Mine was cuter than this one. Opus was sunbathing. Also rocking Hawaiian shorts, no shirt, and zinc oxide on his nose/bill.
  8. Imagine 15 year old me- red shorts, Opus t shirt, loafers with no socks, messy permed hair but not allowed to wear hairspray so no high or feathered bangs. Probably reading a book in the corner somewhere. Me pretty much every day that I wasn't in class.
  9. HUGE neon green sweatshirt. Worn over everything. Super classy.
  10. Giant white t-shirt with the word NOT! on it in big neon pink capital letters.