Fake poems for your own break with reality.
  1. Inspired by @jhope71
    And the concept of Kertezc
  2. 💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠
  3. Psychopseudosexual beings
    Cling/Cleaved forever
  4. To survive
    You need to know that cleave is its own antonym
  5. And like the old song says
    Hold on loosely
  6. 💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠
  7. There is a bird
    Who tilts into the lilting wind
  8. He lifts your spirit with a only a silent
    Promise of a note to come
  9. Before the arrow strikes
  10. 💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠
  11. When searching for pari passu
    You should probably
  12. Forget that every man is an island
    And every island is in an ocean
  13. On a bereft planet
  14. And the passing ships
    Are full of skeletons
  15. And phantoms of people
    You used to think you knew
  16. 💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠
  17. Willy Willy Willy Mac snicksnack
  18. We can't let the list go
    Release the lion
  19. Willy Willy Willy Mac snicksnack CHOMP
  20. 💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠💠