*not a comprehensive list.
  1. @andersun you're the best for sending me ALL CAPS list requests!
    And other reasons.
  2. Amazon Prime is better than Netflix.
  3. Pause button in middle of the screen.
  4. Actor/episode information available right on screen.
  5. PBS show availability like...
  6. Downton Abbey
  7. And Inspector Lewis.
    High key in love with Laurence Fox.
  8. Easy access to buy movies that aren't available on Prime and watch them on the same player.
  9. Paid bill all at one time.
  10. Includes 2 day shipping.
  11. Includes Amazon Music.
  12. Netflix is better than Hulu
  13. Bojack Horseman
  14. Scrotal Recall
    Not on board with name change.
  15. No commercials
  16. I think there are 7 people using my account.
  17. Gives me a little reminder about self care by asking if I still am watching after 4 hours of bingeing.
  18. Would probably still send me a physical copy of a DVD if I wanted to pretend it was 2003.
  19. Hulu is okay
  20. Cybill
  21. Simon and Simon
  22. Absolutely Fabulous
  23. But their search, recently watched, commercial format(especially the commercials about going commercial free) suck.