1. 17.
    I never use this wifi since I had to upgrade our data package.
  2. 16.
    Libraries care about your health, but their punishments aren't too strict.
  3. 15.
    Board game nights
    Fun though, right????
  4. 14.
    Reading tutoring kits that can be checked out.
  5. 13.
    Fun traveling exhibits that change every month or so-This one is brachiopod and gastropod fossils from the Cincinnati Museum Center.
  6. 12.
    Book club
    Cool, but I just don't go anymore.
  7. 11.
    Clever hand washing signs
    Guys, there are A LOT of handwashing signs at the library.
  8. 10.
    This reading nook
  9. 9.
    I can sit in ⬆️ and read my book and also catch Pokémon.
  10. 8.
    I feel the need, the read!!!!
  11. 7.
    How cool are these programs?????
    If you can't get there, we'll bring the fun to you!
  12. 6.
    I can sit at home and check out books from my local library system on @OverDrive but FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE I can have a book from any library in Ohio sent to me. I used to do this for textbooks back in the days before you had to buy a book to get a code to turn in your work.
    @andersun ⬆️ Reading this now
  13. 5.
    This is just one example of all the information they have on free programs. I really feel that Ohio has a lot of support for low income and disadvantaged families, but that people don't always know where to find the help they need. THE LIBRARY IS THE PLACE TO FIND THE HELP YOU NEED.
  14. 4.
    Not only that, but FOR FREE you can get one on one help accessing these resources if you don't know how to use them.
  15. 3.
    Plant exchange in the spring
    Just bring in a labeled plant or cutting or seedling and leave with something new. 😍😍😍
  16. 2.
    I'm trusting you guys with this information.
    If I ever have to go on the run and need to hide some sensitive information or a bag of illegal narcotics, it's going in the drop ceiling above the first stall in the bathroom at my library. 🤐🤐🤐
  17. 1.
    I believe that libraries are one of the true victories of human civilization.