1. I hate being a passenger in a car but I love to drive.
    I'll drive everywhere, all night and never complain. Just sit back and put your seatbelt on and relax.
  2. I always have food
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    In my purse right now: 3 cliff bars-2 with chocolate, one trail mix, cinnamon altoids, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate covered cranberries, Brazil nuts and some Brach's conversation hearts. I did have some beef jerky but I ate it last night. Once I know you I will tailor my purse snacks to your personal preferences.
  3. I'll let you choose the tunes
    I'm also ok with public radio, podcasts, LA Theaterworks productions and audiobooks.
  4. I'm great at spotting rest stops
    Those blue signs pop right out at me. Zip zoom and you are peeing in 1 minute flat.
  5. I'll pull over to let you take a picture
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    But I might ask you to take one for me
  6. I love giant roadside statues
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    I will go out of my way by a lot to visit one, if you want.
  7. Ditto for any beach
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    And this will be my mental reaction if you ask and/or agree to go to a beach with me.(Warning: This is not me.)
  8. I will only be slightly annoying when gushing about my love of the United States highway system.
    And how cool it is that your driveway is connected to the entire continent! (Well mostly)
  9. I'm great at making up funny phrases for the letters on license plates
    I attribute this skill to an online game I played frequently in my early 20's called Acrophobia.
  10. I never get lost
    This used to be more impressive than it is now. Thanks Google.
  11. I don't have a job
    So we could leave right now