1. Was talking with a friend who mentioned cheesecake
    Problem #1 Couldn't get cheesecake out of my mind and had to make one.
  2. Made a cheesecake with blueberry topping.
    Problem #2 My parents had friends over and I only got one piece before they devoured it all. Problem #2a My parents have tons more friends than I do.
  3. Felt betrayed by the "one piece" situation so I needed to make another cheesecake.
    Problem #3 I just make stuff on the fly, so this cheesecake doesn't seem the same or as delicious as the previous one. Problem #3a It's possible I might be imagining Problem #3 about Cheesecake #2 because I'd been thinking about Cheesecake #1 for so long(only like 5 days, but...)
  4. My dad ate a "piece" of cheesecake in the middle of the night.
    Problem #4 What kind of a monster just eats the cheesecake straight from the pan in a clearly "non piece" shape and obviously with a spoon?!?!?!?! Problem #4a My own OCD forces me to cut a normal size piece and also to cut out the tainted with a spoon section so the cheesecake looks normal again. Problem #4b I eat both of these pieces and now am uncomfortably full. Problem #4c There is a fair amount of Cheesecake #2 left and now I think I'm burnt out.