Inspired by @lifeisbeautiful
  1. Trying to convince my son that croquet is fun.
  2. .
  3. .
  4. Ridiculous puns
  5. .
  6. How can I even live this down?
  7. No cats, but I do have these dragons.
  8. When I was trying to explain how we'd know the apocalypse was nigh.
  9. Making sure my kid knew what to do in the event of a winter storm.
  10. When this song was in my head but just one part and I couldn't remember what came next.
  11. A possible list idea about gross sounding recipes that might be good.
  12. Julia Stiles
    Why? Who knows!
  13. Ideas for things my dad can do now that he's retired.
  14. Something I saved for @HisDudeness but promptly forgot.
  15. This picture of @nathanveshecco because it reminded me of an old pic I have of my cousin and I was going to use it somewhere but now it's useless! 🙃
  16. Things I wanted to check and see if they were on Netflix, Hulu, etc.
    VIP was classy television ladies and gentlemen, and I've missed it so.
  17. Some photos of Nicolas Cage
    I have a problem; so sue me!
  18. .
  19. .
  20. ???
  21. .
    For comparing to
  22. Vinnie Barbarino
    It's probably just the hair.
  23. Baroque Obama
  24. When I was trying to convince my sister that Chevy Chase
  25. Could have been Harrison Ford if he'd had a better stylist.
  26. My dream living room
  27. Mireille et Marie-Laure
    French in Action baby!
  28. .