Let's skip the formalities and go right to the...
    Tiny handmade penguins in a clay bathtub! The little bar of soap says SOAP. It's so cute! I already had to defend the penguins(who I've named Bernie and The Weeknd) from one kidnapping attack by my daughter.
  2. They came lovingly wrapped in this bubble wrap.
  3. To protect them from all threats, foreign and domestic.
  4. They were well provisioned in their long, cross-country journey.
    Almost posted a picture of box and addresses. Doh!
  5. With adequate and delicious rations,
  6. Hot drinks to sustain them in their winter trek,
    Ha! Just kidding it was 70+ degrees in Cincinnati yesterday. In the middle of freaking December! ☀️🌴☀️🌴
  7. Cozy traveling conditions,
  8. And this clever friend.
    Who affirms that nerds, do indeed, rule!
  9. These penguins traveled lo these many miles and endured countless, untold hardships to bring me the secret, glittering treasure
  10. And an important, top-secret missive of hope and holiday joy from my Santa, @dyaple77
  11. Thank you Dawn! And @ChrisK and all the Secret Santas out there for so much holiday joy!
  12. ❤️✌️😄🎄