Let's skip the formalities and go right to the...
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    Tiny handmade penguins in a clay bathtub! The little bar of soap says SOAP. It's so cute! I already had to defend the penguins(who I've named Bernie and The Weeknd) from one kidnapping attack by my daughter.
  2. They came lovingly wrapped in this bubble wrap.
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  3. To protect them from all threats, foreign and domestic.
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  4. They were well provisioned in their long, cross-country journey.
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    Almost posted a picture of box and addresses. Doh!
  5. With adequate and delicious rations,
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  6. Hot drinks to sustain them in their winter trek,
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    Ha! Just kidding it was 70+ degrees in Cincinnati yesterday. In the middle of freaking December! ☀️🌴☀️🌴
  7. Cozy traveling conditions,
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  8. And this clever friend.
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    Who affirms that nerds, do indeed, rule!
  9. These penguins traveled lo these many miles and endured countless, untold hardships to bring me the secret, glittering treasure
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  10. And an important, top-secret missive of hope and holiday joy from my Santa, @dyaple77
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  11. Thank you Dawn! And @ChrisK and all the Secret Santas out there for so much holiday joy!
  12. ❤️✌️😄🎄