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    Bedside candy situation
    Sugar 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
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    I moved my bed under the window(don't worry it's not off center anymore, I'm not a monster.)
    Which I like, but
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    Now I stare at one entire blank wall with nothing on it.
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    And I can see the far side of the soffit
    That I inexplicably neglected to finish painting 5 years ago.
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    Dust bunnies I have no intention of cleaning, and a crack that I'm convinced spiders and the girl from The Ring crawl out of at night.
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    And I have zero clue what to do with this whole purse/boot pile situation.
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    It looks like I hung this cute painting my sister brought back from Haiti,
    But it's really just on a stiff but pliable canvas and happens to be the right size so I can just wedge it in the alcove, and it'll stay put as long as I don't touch it or breather within 3 feet of it.
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    I pride myself on being able to throw anything away, but I've kept this BEADED PLACEMAT(?!?!?!???) for 9 years since my grandpa died because my grandma made it. I have zero clue what to do with it.
    There are also a few matching smaller green ones and, for some reason, one small blue one.
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    I have commandeered a whole closet in another room that's full of dresses. 😳🙈
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    My nightstand is these two raffia boxes stacked together
    And the bottom one is filled with VHS tapes and old Bon Appetit magazines.
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    We spent an hour knocking this coconut out of a tree when I took the kids to Miami in 2011, smuggled it home in our luggage,
    And it's been shriveling/rotting in my room ever since.
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    I took some tape and stuck a bunch of paintings all over my blank wall to see what I liked. I'm not big on the "gallery wall" look for myself, I like everything all sort of smushed together.
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    I'm not keeping everything and obviously they're all crooked but I kind of like the idea of several big collages on the wall.
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    I got a chair for the corner of my room from my cousin and am going to re-cover it. I was looking on Wayfair, but free is definitely in my budget, especially since I used online shopping as therapy yesterday. 🤔Could I send the current administration the bill???
    Also I went to Meijer and they had all their tropical house plants out, so I might get a few because they make me happy.
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    @angela3950 I thought about throwing the coconut out, but I decided it still has some joy left in it. 😂
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    @DanielaM the frame for the beaded placemat and the boot hanger were both excellent ideas.
    Contemplating logistics.
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    @andersun There is at least one UFO painting on my wall already. Possibly more to come. 👽👽👽
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    Got rid of my boot pile!
    Bought some clearance storage boxes and put them under my bed. I honestly feel better with something under there so the girl from The Ring doesn't fit. I SHOULD NEVER have watched that movie.
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    Chair, plant, painting.
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    More paintings. I'm not sure yet what I want to add, but all the taped up pictures were falling down in the middle of the night.
    Also these will need to be redone because they are neither even nor straight.
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    Put the beaded placemats away with my craft supplies. Future Jennifer's problem.