1. Deck furniture
    Two chairs, two lounge chairs, table, giant ass umbrella, two footstools, two end tables
  2. Daddy charcoal grill, round mommy charcoal grill
    Small baby charcoal grill, charcoal, lighter fluid, BBQ tools(I would've just preferred a Christmas bonus check, thank you.)
  3. Manual lawn tools
    Two hoes, two shovels, two plastic rakes, one (very dangerous) metal rake, post hole digger
  4. Rototiller, lawn mower,
  5. Air compressor, circular saw, hand saws, babbit, wd40, table saw, miter saw, metal toolbox, assorted nails and screws and hammers and bolts and washers and wing nuts and widgets, two ratchet sets.
  6. A giant bag of rags that used to be socks and towels and tshirts and sheets and one pair of underwear.
  7. Work bench, peg board, two giant snarled orange extension cords.
  8. 50(appx.) rusty tomato cages
  9. Camping equipment
    Two tents, eating tent, stakes, poles, propane stove, air mattresses, lanterns, camping dishes, pumps,
  10. Two bikes hanging upside down from the ceiling
    The kids never rode theirs anymore
  11. Four cabinets we'll never use but never give away, including one I painted when Darrel was a baby to match his Sesame Street sheets and one I painted to match my kitchen and one I painted for the boys jungle ro...they're all mine, ok?
  12. A broken curved bench that came from an old school Taco Bell outdoor seating area, that I got on freecycle but never fixed.
  13. Garden equipment
    Two hoses, fertilizer, two wheelbarrows, plastic and terra-cotta pots and starter trays, sprayer, miracle gro, spades, tiny hand rakes, two watering cans
  14. Abandoned furniture
    2 end tables, a set of 6 dining room chairs, two dollies, one giant wooden dollhouse, two armchairs, two DISGUSTING college dorm rugs.
  15. Two ladders
  16. Scrap wood 2X4s and leftover hardwood flooring and mdf pieces and two closet doors that need to be finished and hung and two sets of old metal closet doors and scrap plywood and 15 cement blocks and some chickenwire.
  17. 4 pairs of garden gloves
  18. A giant plastic car carrier we've hoisted to the ceiling with twine.
  19. Stuff to change the oil in the car, ramps, oil, filters, pans, one of those webbed filter wrenches, even though we haven't changed the oil ourselves in at least 15 years.
  20. Blue Christmas lights, blue icicle lights, light timer, greenery for the lamppost, light sensor, light up reindeer.
  21. Recycling bins
  22. A football, a rugby ball, two basketballs, two baseballs, a glove, cobwebs, ladderball, some badminton birdies and rackets, a croquet set that I bought because I wanted someone to play with me but thus far has only been used for my Heathers costume.
  23. Static