1. Concord Grapes
    My grandma had concord grape vines in her yard when I was little.
  2. That the FRIENDS don't hang out together every day anymore.
  3. The murder in my murder mystery novel.
    Like I didn't see it coming.
  4. This scene in Gilmore Girls.
  5. When my daughter called me to figure out the name of the song she had stuck in her head.
    It was Push It by Salt N Pepa
  6. That my coffee mug was dirty.
  7. All of the lovelies here that checked up on me.
  8. Awake for 5:19AM
  9. Missed being up before 2PM 3rd day in a row.
  10. Didn't make it to the post office.
  11. Some real stuff.
  12. When I ran out of jelly beans.