Requested by @jessnobs
  1. Every adult I talk to wanted to go to space camp when they were young but didn't get to.
  2. I feel like an ungrateful jerk when I tell them it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
  3. I went to private school and the 8th grade class trip was always to Washington D.C. And I was looking forward to it.
  4. But this year, the powers that be decided that we would go to space camp instead.
  5. I love learning new things and I love space, but I was not super excited about this trip.
  6. First, we rode on a bus with the whole 8th grade(about 60 students) from Cincinnati to Huntsville, Alabama. This is too many hours to be in a bus, especially a bus mostly full of people you don't like. I wanted to read, but instead there was an endless loop of Bobby Brown singing My Prerogative.
    Yes, from a "boom box"
  7. When we got to Alabama, it was nothing but red dusty dirt everywhere. I hated it.
  8. Our rooms were these bunks in cylindrical metal tubes with no windows-hello claustrophobia.
  9. We split up into teams named for companies with aerospace contracts. For some reason we were supposed to scream our team name at any and all opportunities. In my worst nightmares I can still hear Martin Marietta! in that horrible shrieking voice of our team leader.
  10. 8th grade rich boys are not the most respectful people when it comes to dealing with others' property. We received not one, but two class wide lectures about respect. It was so embarrassing to me, but unfortunately not to those who should have been embarrassed.
  11. We had to put on space suits and go on a "mission." This would have been fun if they'd planned on 8th grade girls who were 5'8" and fully grown. As it was my suit was tight and uncomfortable and I was miserable.
  12. My "best friend" at the time was a mean girl who liked to tell me how pretty I'd be if I lost weight. 🙄 Eighth grade me was not as outspoken or confident as she should have been.
  13. Aren't we all babies?
  14. It probably wasn't all that bad, but I just remember being miserable and grumbly the whole time and very sure I would never want to be an astronaut.