I was very young when I had my first child(a couple of weeks shy of 19) and I had all three kids in 3 1/2 years, (this isn't the tragic part of *this* story) so most of my stuffed animals went straight from my childhood bedroom to my kids. So here's what happened:
  1. Edited to add this picture of the goose. Made by my grandma and stuffed with pantyhose and love. @nathanveshecco
  2. I had a grumpy care bear with a cute heart on his butt and also a heart nose.
    Also a tiny size light blue/green one that was a wish bear. Just like this!
  3. I had a bald cabbage patch preemie.
    My mom also made a homemade little people girl with long black yarn hair from the pattern in the Xavier Roberts pattern book. I remember reading it intently because it had pictures of the cabbage patch nursery where the little people were born and I was OBSESSED. This was obviously before little people was the accepted nomenclature for little people.
  4. I had two Furskins-really cute bears made by the cabbage patch kids folks. They were dressed in denim country-type outfits and had awesome little hiking boots.
  5. I had a bunch of other toys, weebles and the tree house and tons of books, but for stuffed animals that was pretty much it.
    I did have a weird hand knit goose stuffed with stockings and some thin zoo animals that were more like wall decorations.
  6. So when my daughter was in 5th grade, she got lice. And we tried EVERYTHING. I cut her hair, and cut it again, and finally she got a "let me talk to the manager" haircut and hated me for a solid year. We tried mayo and oils and 100 bottles of RID and all the stuffed animals in the house had to go into a big plastic bag and out to storage.
  7. And when we finally got everything taken care of, I made an executive decision and dumped the bag. The kids were sad but they were older and said they understood.
    I might have cried a little.
  8. But.....
  9. To cheer you up after that sad story....
  10. I'll tell you a happy one....
  11. My mom is great
  12. And she absolutely loved having a granddaughter.
    Still loves it, in fact.
  13. And she might have gone a little overboard.
  14. Look at these cute doll dresses she made for my girl and then I'll tell you the rest of the story.
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  28. Cute, right?
  29. Ok well for EVERY ONE of these cute doll dresses there was a full size matching dress for my daughter!!!! And she would dress like her doll and go to Christmas or church or the store or to pre-school picture day with her doll in tow.
    I picked the creepiest photo I have of her just for your viewing pleasure. My mom totally bought this photo package-I would never have paid for this weird photo.
  30. Here is how she usually wore the dresses though.
    Underneath a big t shirt because she is a messy, messy child. This, on the other hand, is one of my favorite photos of her.
  31. One final piece of good news.
  32. We were cleaning out under the steps and IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!!! SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!
    It turns out she was at my mom's house when I bagged up all the poor, doomed animals in the great lice infestation of 2006 and survived the waves of death and disease!
  33. In conclusion, never try on anyone else's hat, permanent hair dye will take care of lice faster than anything else, my mom is awesome, and I'm taking my little Cabbage Patch baby and going to sleep. The End. 💗