1. All I was trying to do was carve out 40 good minutes.
  2. Bread was rising
  3. Tomatoes were in the oven roasting for the soup
  4. My lone non-driver had a ride to work
    And she brought me a blanket to the sofa
  5. And I set the timer for 4:45
  6. Closed my eyes
  7. Snuggled my blanke....zzzz
  8. 4:09
    My mom starts the air compressor
  9. It's pretty much white noise, so I slow my breathing and drift away...
  10. 4:12
    My dad wakes me to ask me if I know the oven is on
  11. Yes, I know, timer set, zzzzz
  12. 4:17
    Daughter says "Bye mom! I'm off to work!" And slams door.
  13. Grumble grumble
  14. 4:20
    Important alert from Dragonvale
  15. Why do I even play these games?
  16. 4:29
    Air compressor starts again
  17. No sleep but eyes closed
  18. 4:31
    Deck door slams and sander starts
  19. Feel guilty mom is a carpenter like Jesus and I'm napping.
  20. Eyes open, check
  21. 4:34
    Try to go back to sleep...zzz
  22. 4:38
    Dad starts treadmill
  23. 45% guilt/55% trying to tell what he's watching on Netflix
  24. 4:40
    Give up and just get up