All of my secrets just laid out for you here @k8zinker
  1. Change of underwear and socks in a ziplock baggie.
    Lesson learned after 2 unexpected overnights at OU this year.
  2. Bandaids
    Various sizes
  3. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
  4. 5 chapsticks, 3 unopened.
  5. Eye shadow, two tubes of mascara, black eyeliner, purple eyeliner, razor
    Mostly for daughter, I rarely wear makeup.
  6. Sleeve of hair elastics, hair clips, Bobby pins, stretchy headbands-one black, one neon green
  7. Deck of cards-one jack of spades missing
  8. Half eaten bag of jelly beans
  9. Teriyaki beef jerky
  10. Sunflower seeds
  11. 2 kind granola bars
  12. Clear nail polish, sparkly silver OPI Lucerne-tainly look amazing.
  13. Keys to my van, my parents two cars, my house, both of my sisters' houses, my daughter's new apartment and three keys from old places.
  14. Gym pass-unused lo these many months 😳
  15. Gas rewards cards from three different gas stations, five forever stamps, two reward cards from Hot Head Burritos, Sally Beauty reward card, OPW Heritage Card.
  16. Library card, insurance cards, scuba diving certification card, subway points card, zoo membership card.
  17. Bank card, Credit cards
    Too embarrassed to say how many. Some are maxed but most are open.
  18. Drivers license
  19. Ziplock Baggie of change
    Effective weapon...against parking enforcement
  20. Compact umbrella (floral, of course)
  21. Cash ($73.00) emergency cash($40.00)
  22. Washi tape, duct tape, measuring tape, full size sunscreen, travel size sunscreen, hand lotion, cinnamon altoids, sunglasses, backup sunglasses, one ring, two mismatched earrings, one necklace.
  23. Colored pencils, tiny sketchbook
  24. Zippered cosmetic bag (floral, of course) with car USB adapter, charging cords and plug boxes for phone and iPad, external charger and adapter and European plug adapters. 2 sets of airplane headphones in packaging.
  25. Hairbrush
  26. Napkins
  27. iPhone
  28. Tweezers, emery board, prescription bottle full of Advil/Imitrex mixed up, two pads, three tampons, three rocks from Ireland, one sugar-free Werther's candy, compact mirror, airline sleep mask.
  29. Crumbs, three broken crayons from Bob Evans, receipts from Kroger, Meijer, 2 bank deposits, 2 gas receipts, receipt for Taco Bell breakfast, 2 McDonald's stops for Diet Coke.