1. There comes a time in a young bot's life when his bytes and RAM turn to thoughts of love....
    He has explored the world with his suitcase of essentials,
  2. And a picture of his mother, the beautiful, sunshiny, @solena
  3. So he decides to hire a classy Florida matchmaking service to find him a suitable mate.
  4. They search far and wide and meet with many experts to help him find his new love.
  5. Eventually they meet ListBet and from the moment they see her sparkly processor and the glowing light of her monitor, they know their long journey is over.
    They broker a meeting in a neutral location with not one, but two Jennys on hand to keep everyone in line!
  6. And ListBot and ListBet hit it off immediately
    They have many common interests, and have both traveled far and wide in search of love.
  7. They spend their first real date on a farm collective, enjoying nature and volunteering, and have so much fun they forget to take pictures(oops!!!)
  8. ListBot surprises ListBet with a trip to the opera
  9. To see a tragic but verrrryyyy romantic rendition of La Bohème
  10. Then they go dancing out under the stars in downtown Cincinnati.
    And boogie woogie late into the night. (It's *possible* @listbot may have been a little tipsy and dropped his antennae IN the fountain 😬)
  11. They meet up with some mutual friends and go to a wild house party in a fancy apartment on the river with a beautiful view.
    And ListBet tries her first cigar but decides it isn't for her. And they are too giddy with the lure of new romance to take decent photos.
  12. 🙈😱💥
  13. They know, even after a few short days together, that they are meant to be, but they each have responsibilities and must leave Cincinnati soon....
    Do they stay together, dropping everything and traveling the world together? Or do they split up and go their separate ways,hoping to someday reunite in a far off, exotic locale?