Blame @k8zinker
  1. 1. @k8zinker I love you for sending me a request that's already in ALL CAPS!
  2. 2. This was my profile showing my cute frog shoes, my cute pineapple dress, and a big chunk of our cute driveway.
  3. 3. I was in the kitchen several months ago taking selfies because my hair was clean/behaving.
    Usually it stays wet in a bun from one shower to the next.
  4. 4. My smiling face looks normal in real life. (Actually its spectacular and will light up your life💡) But my selfie smile face oftentimes has wide crazy eyes. Like this...
    But not as cool or Emmy winning.
  5. 5. So I try serious face.
    Very serious. John Paul Sartre.
  6. 6. Skeptical face
    Yes, I have different sized nostrils.
  7. 7. Tell me another one face.
  8. 8. Bitter beer face
    And well, this one is the one I liked best. And now, several months later, I inflict it on all of you.
  9. 9. You're welcome.