1. I meet a great wealthy older gentleman with stacks o'cash.
    As one does.
  2. He has a beautiful house.
  3. Like Downton Abbey,
    But with a pool.
  4. Or maybe one like this...
  5. Or both.
  6. I work my womanly wiles.
  7. And we get married.
  8. His kids probably hate me
    Because they think I'm....
  9. But he changes his will and leaves everything to me.
  10. And then he dies while I'm away on a spa weekend with an ironclad alibi
  11. He couldn't break me.
  12. And neither could she.
  13. In fact, she was at the spa with me
  14. So I rush home to plan the funeral.
  15. And I'm writing the eulogy when it hits me.
  16. I'm totally in love with him and now I'm heartbroken,
    ....but for real.
  17. And his family is really so so nice.
    And so kind to me.
  18. And I can't keep any of the money.
    Because I feel so guilty.
  19. And I move back in with Mom and Dad.
    Home Sweet Home ❤️🏡❤️
  20. Curses! Foiled again!
  21. The End