Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. The Lonely Silver Rain-John MacDonald
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    Excellent noir detective fiction set South Florida in the 1970's. Gritty and tough, but also peppered with these beautiful treatises on love, the environment and the social contract. This is the last in the series and, unlike so many long series, the quality continues to increase.
  2. The Deptford Trilogy-Robertson Davies
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    Robertson Davies is a master at creating a world where everything rings true, no matter how absurd or convoluted or intertwined.
  3. A Wrinkle in Time-Madeline L'Engle
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    A classic. The 10 year old inside me still knows this is our favorite.
  4. Watership Down-Richard Adams
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    I read this book again and again as a child. I was very invested in the plight of these rabbits and their warren.
  5. Lady Chatterly's Lover- D. H. Lawrence
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    Middle school Jennifer started her long relationship with trashy romance novels with this only slightly trashy classic.
  6. Little Dorrit-Charles Dickens
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    Charles Dickens is a master of social commentary and consummate story-teller.
  7. A Prayer for Owen Meany-John Irving
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    John Irving is one of those authors that is either really great or really bad. I think this is at the very top of his curve.
  8. The Cat in the Hat-Dr.Suess
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    I don't think anyone can read this aloud and not see why Dr. Suess is a genius. His love of language and his prodigious skill shine through every ridiculous line.
  9. The Name of the Wind-Patrick Rothfuss
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    Top-notch fantasy. Intricate, multi-layered, involving, tragic, well told all round.
  10. Endless Night-Agatha Christie
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    Dame Agatha is everything. The best selling novelist of all time. Think about that. The BIBLE sells better but there is a whole religion built in to reinforce sales around the world. SHAKESPEARE's plays sell better, but he has a good 200+ years on her and EVERY SINGLE HIGH SCHOOL and college has multiple classes on his works. Agatha Christie is next. I love everything about her and this novel is suspenseful, surprising, character driven, and the twist is 👌🏼, like everything else she does.