These all happened within a couple of weeks back in the late nineties. No werewolf dreams before or since. I very frequently have strange dreams, some that I think are caused by some of the migraine medicines I've taken and some just because I'm a weird chick. I also talk a lot in my sleep, ever since I was very little.
  1. I'm sitting in church at Good Friday service. The sanctuary is dark and there are just a few candles lit. I look over and this really cute guy I had a crush on as a teenager(I'm married several years by this point) has something moving on his neck. I scoot over across the pew to look more closely and it's the hair on the nape of his neck growing.
    I watch, fascinated, for a weirdly long length of time as the hair grows and tiny tears in his shirt start appearing. My entire focus is on this and all the background is faded and I can barely hear the readings and then he turns his head and looks at me with his full wolf face and grins and I can see his sharp wolf teeth. He snaps his teeth at me and winks and it was weirdly hot. No one else notices.
  2. I'm watching a basketball game at my old high school and the whole team turns into werewolves. Not teen wolf style but full on wolves Twilight style(but obviously before Twilight.) The game continues for several minutes. This seems odd to me but I don't point or scream or anything. One of the wolves goes for the ball and bites it and it deflates.
    The ref calls the game a tie and we all sigh disappointedly and go home.
  3. I'm a little kid and there is a man living in my grandma's attic and when I go over there she has me go up and feed him raw carrots and potatoes. He's chained to the floor and I spend a lot of time shifting on my feet from left to right so his image changes like a hologram from man to wolf and back.
    Then grandma called me to dinner and I walked down the steps and we had fish sticks for dinner and she asked how Henry was doing like it was no big deal. I told her he wanted to go outside and play and fix the car(? I guess because he is a man) but she said not today and then I woke up.
  4. I'm sleeping in my old room at my parents house. It's dark and the wind is blowing and I can hear a wolf howling outside(we live in suburban Ohio, so no) I go to the window and I can't see him but I understand the howling and I loud-whisper back and we have a very intense conversation. I can't remember what it was about, but it was VERY IMPORTANT.
  5. My ex-husband and I lived in Oklahoma in 1996 and part of 1997. I had been back to Ohio for about a year when I had these dreams. The last dream I had was about Oklahoma and we were driving in the Wichita Mountains wildlife refuge and I told him to pull over(which is very weird because I always drove) and that we needed to get out and help Henry
    Run down a buffalo or two for dinner. And he said "Who's Henry?" and I said "Just this werewolf I know who used to live with grandma." Then he told me he had to go back to base and Sergeant Bernier was expecting him at pt in half an hour but he'd come pick me back up later. And I told him it was fine we could just come back and play cards with Henry over the weekend.
  6. But then I stopped having the dreams so we never did.
  7. Poor Henry.