They're in my room, in my room
  1. Paris poster I've had for years. Watercolor of poppies I did this summer. Postcard from an exchange-student friend of my son's.
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  2. I paint lots of watercolor flowers.
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  3. Tiny picture of an obelisk.
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  4. My sister bought me this painting at the dollar store when she was 11. It was in my very first apartment and every place I've ever lived since.
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  5. Blue flowers
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  6. This was one of the pictures at the beginning of an old copy of Little Men. I vandalized that book to get this little print but I feel no guilt.
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  7. Tiny cloudy beachscape
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  8. Proof that a mat and frame can make anything look so much better.
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  9. Old target poster but I love it.
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  10. Boats. I didn't paint this one.
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  11. Tree.
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  12. My sister made me this really cool jewelry holder for Christmas.
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  13. My other sister gave me this painting when she moved. It's fallen on my head in the middle of the night several times.
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  14. Abstract pond
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  15. Greenhouse
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  16. Stripes
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  17. Paris calendar my parents brought me from Paris
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  18. Both of these awesome lamps belonged to my grandma. I love tacky things that light up. The fiber optic flowers are also a music box. You can be jealous now.
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  19. McCoy pottery planters are my favorites.
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  20. Also X-files.
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  21. This guy with a Fork bracelet. Like most things on Pinterest, good idea/poor execution.
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  22. Tacky lamp/excellent necklace tree.
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  23. This bird sitting on her nest.
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  24. This kingfisher planter
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  25. These McCoy vases
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  26. My bed. Is a soft beautiful cloud.
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