They're in my room, in my room
  1. Paris poster I've had for years. Watercolor of poppies I did this summer. Postcard from an exchange-student friend of my son's.
  2. I paint lots of watercolor flowers.
  3. Tiny picture of an obelisk.
  4. My sister bought me this painting at the dollar store when she was 11. It was in my very first apartment and every place I've ever lived since.
  5. Blue flowers
  6. This was one of the pictures at the beginning of an old copy of Little Men. I vandalized that book to get this little print but I feel no guilt.
  7. Tiny cloudy beachscape
  8. Proof that a mat and frame can make anything look so much better.
  9. Old target poster but I love it.
  10. Boats. I didn't paint this one.
  11. Tree.
  12. My sister made me this really cool jewelry holder for Christmas.
  13. My other sister gave me this painting when she moved. It's fallen on my head in the middle of the night several times.
  14. Abstract pond
  15. Greenhouse
  16. Stripes
  17. Paris calendar my parents brought me from Paris
  18. Both of these awesome lamps belonged to my grandma. I love tacky things that light up. The fiber optic flowers are also a music box. You can be jealous now.
  19. McCoy pottery planters are my favorites.
  20. Also X-files.
  21. This guy with a Fork bracelet. Like most things on Pinterest, good idea/poor execution.
  22. Tacky lamp/excellent necklace tree.
  23. This bird sitting on her nest.
  24. This kingfisher planter
  25. These McCoy vases
  26. My bed. Is a soft beautiful cloud.