Inspired by @alligeeshow
  1. She is very smart but also very scatterbrained
  2. She can make anything but it will take her forever
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    A prom dress, reupholster a couch, drapes, gorgeous wood corner cabinets, lay a hardwood floor? Yes she can.
  3. She will meet the deadline, but without a millisecond to spare
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    She made this wedding dress for my sister, but missed the rehearsal dinner, stayed up all night before the wedding, and my brother went out shopping and got her shoes to wear because she didn't have time. (Not a whirlwind wedding-she had 17 months to plan.)
  4. She is beautiful
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    That's little baby me! And don't worry, my dad sort of grew into his looks.
  5. Still
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  6. She has been married to my dad for 42 years
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    She is excellent at picking husbands and dads.
  7. Her mom wasn't very stable, mentally.
    But my mom took care of her. My grandma had a stroke when my mom was about my age and my mom got a job at the nursing home where they had to take my grandma so she could be close to her every day. She also built a ramp into our house and learned how to move her so grandma could still come visit our house.
  8. She wasn't very good at some mom things
    Like recognizing when I needed a bra or explaining what a period was.
  9. Or some wife things
    She is a disaster at housekeeping and cooking (not that these should be exclusively wife things, but she was a stay at home mom through the 70's and 80's) and when we just had one car she would be late to pick up my dad every day. Every day.
  10. But we always had so much fun
    We had a huge station wagon and it was always full of kids. We would go to the lake and the zoo and the park and she would never be tired or say "just us today." She always said"the more the merrier" and "share your seatbelt."
  11. And we always learned something cool
    And we only played with the mercury from a broken thermometer once or twice
  12. Her outlook on life is simultaneously the least and most practical thing you've ever heard.
    She says "just decide what you want and don't worry about money. Money will just work itself out." And you know what? It always does. (It might be my dad that works things out, come to think of it.)