Inspired by @sarahgorman
  1. People who get too excited about things and embarrass themselves.
  2. People who make excuses for other people and their bad behavior.
    Just like my momma taught me. I'm the worst, but other people must have a good reason for acting that way.
  3. People who make up words and just expect you to know what they mean.
  4. People who are good cooks, but give recipe instructions like "just add flour until it looks right."
  5. People who can't decide if the punctuation goes inside or outside the quotation marks and are too lazy to look, but will spend all afternoon researching something pointless they'll never use again.
  6. People who have a million stories about themselves and don't realize until halfway in they jumped on your story and then they are mortified and too embarrassed to apologize so they look like a jerk.
  7. People who waste good opportunities that you'd have jumped on and turned into something great.
  8. People who say they hate pets but secretly play with them when everyone is gone.