Inspired by @mkell30
  1. Eating lunch in the far corner of the library under the security mirror so no one could see or find you.
  2. Reading books in the hallway instead of talking to people.
  3. Trying out black broomstick skirts and combat boots but then your English teacher would ask you if you had to attend a funeral after school.
  4. Dyeing your hair purple, in 1991.
  5. Having a ridiculous crush on a tall gorgeous blond swimmer who talked to you just enough to feed this crush for 3 years but not enough for anything else.
  6. Playing volleyball with a LOT more enthusiasm than skill.
  7. Having a snarky English teacher who liked you but gave you weird nicknames like Gertrude and Hildegard.
  8. Programming your fancy calculator to draw pictures of Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse with all your AP Calc friends.
  9. Babysitting all weekend every weekend instead of hanging out with anyone.
  10. Having class outside.
    This actually was cool and the best thing about high school.