1. Well lets circle back around to that next time we talk.
  2. So I just thought I'd fly down to SoBe and relax on the boat tonight and take the meeting in the morning.
  3. I'll reach out to him and see what's on for this week.
  4. It's driven from above, I have no control.
    Also what's your plan?
  5. Opportunities to network.
  6. I'm just looking out for my team you know.
  7. Complaining about his friend who has a masters in gender studies that he's going to "crash" with next weekend in the Bay Area and not sure how he can make it through the weekend.
    He'll need a few drinks in him apparently
  8. Wants to walk in with a Trump hat just to show that "liberal" what's up.
    I did not even hear this yet when I labeled him Doucherooster.
  9. I tried to take a picture so you'd get the whole idea, but couldn't.
    Wearing sunglasses indoors though.