Inspired by yesterday's today title wave
  1. Giggled over ridiculous place names like Coosawatchie, Pellissippi, Junaluska, and Jalapa. Lighthearted debate ensued wherein I try to convince you it would be better for humanity if every place was named something silly and fun to say.
  2. Very serious in depth conversation that helps me decide if I really like guys who wear eyeliner or if I'm just having a characteristic, over enthusiastic delusion.
    Because I really think I'm kind of into it.
  3. Appropriated my phone and caught rare Pokémon at the Welcome to North Carolina rest stop while I took a 22 minute power nap.
  4. Epic juice box/peanut butter cracker snack break. Easily collected over $600 from generous listers for the numbskull lister who forgot his Epipen.
  5. Listened politely to my slightly crackpot idea of changing the meaning of the word mansplain to mean the explanation you feel compelled to give a man to show him how what he said was insulting/inappropriate.
    Explain patiently to me that I can't just make words mean what I want them to mean. I reluctantly agree with you, but in my head "agree" now means "heartily and sneakily lie about agreeing."
  6. Listened to 6 episodes of The Dinner Party Download podcast.
  7. Taken a better picture than this of the van.
    Enjoyed raucous suggestion based game that explored the range of more exciting things this business could be than a place where you can rent a high chair.
  8. Tried to guess the yearly salary and bonus compensation package the person that designed this useless feature on the Nissan Altima "earned."
    It's just a tiny digital picture of the car that appears when the car is running. Does not provide any other discernible function.
  9. Tried to decide if sky animation directors in video games were turning their skills to designing real life clouds/skyscapes.
    Gave weight to my suspicion that something beautiful but sinister is going on with the clouds this summer.