Inspired by @Charlie_Chester
  1. *Also could go in a pentagon, an irregular polygon, or a dodecahedron.
  2. Coffee
    Or you'd be summoning sleeping me.
  3. Magnum p.i. DVDs
    Or Tom Selleck himself, if you have access to him.
  4. Peeps
    Yes, the delicious marshmallow Easter candy. Yes, stale is fine if that's all you have.
  5. Quiescently frozen desserts
    Popsicles-I like peach, pineapple, fake banana flavor or cotton candy. Grape will probably work. Don't get them too close to the summoning candles.
  6. Pillows
    Clean white cases with high thread counts, washed with good smelling detergent and regular scent Clorox, an even number(4 or 6 is best). These can be used in place of coffee, or to lull my demon form into a dull stupor before you have me do your bidding/dirty work.