I overheard my dad say we'll just take it one day at a time, so I broke into this song and my parents both just gave me a blank stare.
  1. This is it
  2. This is life, the one you get
  3. So go and have a ball
  4. This is it
  5. This is it
  6. Straight ahead and rest assured
  7. You can't be sure at all
  8. So while you're here enjoy the view
  9. Keep on doing what you do
  10. Hold on tight, we'll muddle through
  11. ...
  12. They gave me the kind of blank look my kids gave me when I broke into
  13. Well we're movin' on up
  14. Movin' on up
  15. To the east side
  16. To a deluxe apartment in the sky-y-y!
  17. Movin' on up
  18. To the east side
  19. We finally got a piece of the pie!
  20. Don't get too excited. We were just getting closer to the door at their school to drop them off.
  21. Who are these people and how are we even related?
  22. ...
  23. On a slightly different note
  24. I'm afraid to use this website
  25. I read some lovely person on here was a little shy to put that she'd spent 3 months of her life watching television.
  26. And I'm thinking...
  27. I've spent 3 months solid time watching just Magnum p.i. 😁
  28. And I'd do it again